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It is hard: coming back home and suddenly feeling a teenage again -our worst and very probably most insecure years-. You’ve changed and reshaped your life at least twenty times, nonetheless, everything here seems to be stuck in time. So, of course, you are the one who is different, ungrateful, [...]
Me cuesta hablar de Estambul sin volver a sentir en mi cuerpo el asombro. Pronuncio su nombre y de pronto una oleada color durazno, rosa pastel y azul celeste me inunda la cabeza. Entrecierro los ojos para ver las telas que ondulan con el viento entre las multitudes; para oler las especies, [...]
The Monkey Forest is a lung in the center of Ubud, Bali. It is a real forest in the middle of the city where hundreds of mischievous monkeys live and find protection amongst its trees, temples and around the passing creek.
An exchange in which the chefs simultaneously move their entire restaurant to the other side of the world, so as many lucky people sit in the Rijksmuseum’s eating the most fantastic Indonesian food from the best restaurant in Indonesia, I will have the opportunity to be here, in Bali, sampling [...]